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Only When It Rains is a collection of poems which begins the series. Published in 2018, the pieces will make you laugh, cry and reflect on life and find new appreciation for the experiences that you have and the people you encounter.

The Making of Me is the story of the journey of Dion Gray from childhood to adulthood. It describes her experiences with death, loss, abuse, love and ultimately the transformation that comes over time through patience and hard work.

Coming 2022!

COMING 2022!! Before I Let Go describes the journey one takes when finding love. It chronicles the mistakes that one can sometimes make to ultimately finding love in a way never imagined.

COMING OCTOBER 2023!! The Healing describes the peace one attains over time. It describes the journey that one takes throughout their life, in an effort to find themselves. After love, sickness, pain, failure, we see the opportunity to become better, to change, to heal.

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